Saturday is market day in Hot Springs. The Bath County Farmers Market is held every Saturday June through September in the gravel parking lot in downtown Hot Springs from 9 AM until 1 PM.

Jo and I walked the five minutes to the market this morning from the Inn even though the sky seemed to promise rain and the clouds were hugging the mountains. (Rain. The summer has been incredibly wet so far, but that is a subject for another blog post.)

The market was bustling this morning as it is every Saturday. Visitors to the area will find locally grown produce, eggs, butter, cheese, and meat as well as locally produced crafts. We love the market not only because of it’s vibrancy but because we always run into people we know. In a rural community with mountains and miles separating people the market is a perfect meeting place.

Jo has a large vegetable garden that supplies some of the produce for the Inn however she shops at the farmers market for produce and flowers that she is not growing in her garden. She also usually buys a loaf of homemade bread from Bruce Folks which makes Jonah very happy!

Edgar Brinkley and his grandson, Zack have been vendors at the Farmers Market for six years. In my humble opinion Edgar grows the best potatoes in Bath County!

Beautiful locally grown produce and flowers from the farmers market! (The watermelon was not purchased at the market but begged to be in the photo!)

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