Area Attractions for Your Vacation in the Allegheny Highlands

Visitors have been flocking to the County of Bath in the mountains of Virginia since the mid-1700s.  This part of the Shenandoah Valley offers rich wildlife, scenic views, and the amazing natural hot springs.  The area of Hot Springs continues to be a popular vacation destination today, and Vine Cottage Inn welcomes you as our guests to this beautiful area.  While here, our guests can also enjoy a number of Bath County attractions.

If you have an interest in the County of Bath, this government Website will help you find more information.  You can also see the travel guide for the County of Bath and surrounding Allegheny Mountains for more information.

Enjoy a concert in the Garth Newel Music Center.  You will find this venue combines gourmet food and world-class artistry with breathtaking scenery and friendly people.  This is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy wonderful music.

The Jefferson Pools offer an experience of a lifetime. President Thomas Jefferson visited the Pools in August of 1818 and wrote to his daughters commenting that these springs are among the best in America. The Gentlemen’s Pool House, the oldest spa structure in the United States, was built in 1761 and the Ladies Pool House was added in 1836.  Both still function today and you may enjoy them for an hourly fee.  There are hours when family may soak together and at other times male and female are restricted to separate bath houses.  Water temperature is constant at near natural body temperature with an astounding rate of flow of 1,700,000 gallons per day.

More than 60% of the County of Bath is made up of George Washington National Forest.  Lake Moomaw, a part of this area, offers swimming, hiking, fishing, boating, hunting and bird/wildlife watching.

The County of Bath is also home to Douthat State Park, rated as one of the top 10 state parks in the US.  There are hiking trails, bike trails, fishing, canoeing, a beach area on the lake and a restaurant.

The Omni Homestead, a world-class resort, is located a block from our bed and breakfast.  When you stay with us, you can enjoy paid use of their two golf courses, skeet/trap shooting, bike rentals, horseback riding, catch and release trout fishing, skiing/ice skating, falconry, spa services and formal and casual dining.