Bubbling Water and Bears

When was the last time you saw the water bubble out of the earth to form a creek? Never?

Bubbling Spring Campground near Millboro, Virginia is the place to go to watch the water bubble out of the earth to form Big Lick Creek. We have had a tremendous amount of rain in the area the last couple weeks which makes this even more dramatic. When the water level is low the bubbling water is more pronounced which makes for fun wading for children and adults. The Watercress growing in the Creek is a wonderful spicy treat too.

water bubbling up from ground to make creek.  covered in watercress plants


picture of woods with trees and rocks

Big Lick Creek.

The campground is perfect for tent camping. You will find picnic tables and fire rings as well as a primitive bathroom without a shower.

Because of the location you will not have cellphone service and the nearest store is about five miles away in Millboro so stock up before  you get there.

Bubbling Springs Campground is located in the George Washington National Forest. Over 50% of Bath County is national forest which makes our county the perfect nature getway.  http://www.fs.usda.gov/gwj/#bubblingsprings

Directions: The Bubbling Springs Campground is a rustic camping site in the Warm Springs Ranger District of the George Washington National Forest. Ample opportunities for recreation exist in the area including hiking and stream fishing.

From the junction of U.S. 220 and SR 39 in Warm Springs, take SR 39 east for 14 miles, just past Millboro Springs. Turn right onto SR 635 and into the town of Millboro. At the intersection, turn left onto 633. Follow 633 through the residential section until you enter Forest Service land and take a right onto FSR 129. The campground is one mile on the left. The junction of SR 635 and SR 39/42 is approximately 37 miles southwest of Staunton using SR 254 west, SR 42 south, and SR 39/42 southwest. http://www.virginia.org/Listings/OutdoorsAndSports/BubblingSpringsCampground/

Now for the rest of the story:  I am a woman who loves all outdoor activities from hiking, to rappelling to, fishing, foraging, and just about anything that will take me to the woods and outside. I hike whenever and where I can and usually by myself. Because I have a lifetime of experience in the woods I know how unemotional and dangerous nature can be so I exercise caution however if you are not an experienced outdoors person I would highly recommend educating yourself before you camp in a place like Bubbling Springs. (If you stay at the Inn and would like to hike I would love to take you out!)

Bear track in sand

When I am in the area of Bubbling Springs Campground I like to hike a forest road south of the campground to the top of the mountain to look for bears. Yesterday evening I didn’t see any bears however I did see signs of them including scat (poop)http://www.bear-tracker.com/blackbearscat.html and a nice track. Typically bears will not bother you however if you are camping in the area be very cautious about food because they are quite the opportunist. This is a good website for more information about bears. http://www.dgif.virginia.gov/wildlife/bear/living-with-black-bears/

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