“Christmas Parade” thats “Whats Happening in The Hot”

It is that time of the year when every small village has their annual “Christmas Parade”. In Hot Springs it has been going on since Santa Clause was a boy.  The local Volunteer Fire Department puts it all together and provides a stocking with fruit and candy for every kid that shows up.  Then there is “Cheeze Clause” that has a stuffed toy for all of the young and sometimes the old as well.  He goes to all of the local parades and gives out his stuffed toys. There are fire truck, lots of fire trucks, tractors, horses, floats, motorcycles and Beauty Queens.  You will also find local people that just love a parade and join in for the march.

We are lucky here in Bath County because we have great people that have concern for their neighbors and give a helping hand when needed.  That is what is great about small town america.  When you come to visit for a day or a week you will see local folk going out of their way to make your stay one that you will always remember.

We look forward to seeing some of you in the coming year and to all of you we wish you a “Merry Christmas”.


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